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Moving, moving , moved~!!!! 2010 here I come~! 1 January, 2010

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Hi guys, I know I havent been blogging much, but my new project is now open to everyone.  I hope that you guys will come and take a look at it.  There are still many changes to work out, so please drop me a message on msn or thru the email so that I know how to improve it.  There are certain posts that does not allow comments of course.  Dont worry, there are many other posts that allows you to comment. So drop by http://healthwithelwyn.blogspot.com/ and take a look at my new project and of course my new avenue for blogging.  I will try to at least put up a post a day. So head over and enjoy my new project. Have a great 2010 guys~!!!!

Hi guys,  I know this is another change, I am now currently posting all my blog post in a new site that is:~


So come over and you will see me there more often.  Thanks for reading this blog.  I will try to see whether I can bring over some of the posts here over to my new blog.


Busy busy, would be moving 22 December, 2009

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Hi hi everyone, I would be moving from here to my new project.  I hope people would start moving from here over to my new project once I have it up and ready.  I am hoping to get it up and ready by new year’s eve to be able to bring it in before the new year and start it off with a bang.  Hehehe.  Well I hope that everyone would be able to support me in my current project.  Till the next update, ciaoz~!

Life and Near Death~! 11 October, 2009

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My life and my near death experience.  Hehehe.  It has been awhile since my life and near death experience as i am so so so so busy with all my different work that it has stole time from me.  Finally i have some time to do this.

Life is rather taxing, but of course this post would be about my near death experience.  Considering how lucky i am, i would really like to explain how it happen in a drawing, but i dont think i have the time to spare to draw it all out.  Anywayz, it all happen when i was heading back home after working in Setia Alama for my aunt.  I was experimenting with my GPS and was using the way that the GPS was telling me too.  I soon got onto the road where i was familiar with and it was a ramp that was connecting the Elite Highway with the Kesas Highway that the near death experience happened.

As i was curving to the right when i suddenly realised that my car and myself was facing the railing that was suppose to be on my right.  I kinda intuitively hit the break slightly while turning the steering a little to the left.  Thats when all hell broke loose.  Right after i did that, i was soon facing the railing on the other side and therefore instinct kicked up and i was swerving left and right uncontrollably while i was hitting the breaks with all my strength.  But i managed to regain control on my car and i had stopped by the roadside still on the ramp catching breath and letting my heart relax from all the adrenaline.  Looking back on that, i should not have pressed my brakes and turning my car away from the railing when i was already skidding sideways on the road.  It just goes to show, how stupid i can be at times.  Fortunately i am still here alive and blogging for my readers to read.

After that incident, i kinda went quite slow but still picked up my pace on straight roads but never take chances on any turnings whatsoever.

Well thats about it folks on my near death experience.  I was very fortunate as there were no cars tailing behind me, or else you would see me heading off 6 feet under.  So wait for my coming post on my life, work, and my new gadgets.  Hehehe.

Nothing comes easy~!!! 15 September, 2009

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Well I have experienced first hand that nothing comes easy but we should always consider the future at hand and never ever forget to learn from the past mistakes.  But sometimes we do forget from time to time about the mistakes we had once made in our life.  Hehehe, I would certainly like to have things easier but of course there is nothing easy.  That is the reason why I chose to get out of employment that would tie me down so badly and find something which would help free some of my time up for some other businesses~!  And of course over the past 3 months or so I have been making a lot of life changing decisions in my life because I do not want to be contented with a miserable pay for the amount of work I am required to do at my previous employment~!!!!!

So I definitely chose to jump into the path of the unknown to me.  Totally unknown, it is like taking a dive head first~!   Of course I am lucky to have supportive parents behind me who understood my sudden change of decisions.   This is the reason why I am considered a lucky person.  Unfortunately many people see this otherwise.  Of course I cant remove that stigma out of their heads, but it is a fact of life that people think that way.  Owh well, at least I can just live my life the best I can and make sure I succeed in all of my future undertakings~!

Next up is about me changing my handphone.  I am a tech freak who loves the latest technology available in the bloody market~!   This is the reason why I was soooo fascinated by the iPhone 3GS, and the latest iPod Touch of 64GB.   I was also looking into other brands like my usual favourite of the Sony Ericsson brand which came out with the W995 and of course the newly revealed Xperia 2.  But now my fascination has grown after I had a word with my good and trusted friend about his phone the E71, which was pretty good until I found that a newer model or rather an upgraded version of the phone is about to release, the E72.  I am sooo dying to get that phone now.  I really wanna get that phone badly. With the functions such as facebooking, twittering, emailing, and many other functions, I believe that this phone would be a great phone to use for my future working purposes to fulfill the various different work requirements of my various undertakings at the moment.

Moving on to the next topic, I would be pushing myself towards opening up a blog for my Usana business while also providing links not only from this blog but also from my Facebook account.  I would also be using twitter about some short updates about Usana from time to time while also keeping myself abreast with the latest feed from Usana themselves.  So this certainly requires me to be constantly connected and of course I need a lot of guidance, but this is of course from my uplines who helped me along my journey through Usana.  Of course I would also need to learn a lot as well as un-learning a lot over the next few months about the various undertakings I am taking.

So my word to you is please do not be afraid when I call you because I would sincerely want to go out and meet with you guys and girls without any hidden agenda, unless I state it otherwise.  So I hope to see you guys and girls when I call you out for a little get together session alright.  Hehehe.  No worries I would not talk much about selling or anything alright.   Just a catching up session to see what we are all up to.  Hahaha, I also hope that those whom I’ve contacted before please do not be afraid of me, I wont be so harsh anymore.  For real, but if I am, please do inform me, because I sometimes do go overboard, because I am very passionate about it. Of course I am learning a lot and I still tend to make mistakes, as a result I am slowly learning from those mistakes and making the necessary changes to myself to better myself. It is like personal development for myself you see~!

Next up is the fact that there has been a lot of people thinking of resigning from their current position but do not have the guts to do so. Of course this is a major life changing decision to make and as a result there is a need to consider this over and over again, but of course if you hate your current position, hate you current work, hate some/ all of your bosses, don’t you think that it would be prudent for you to venture into something you are more comfortable with, something that you really like? I ventured out because I still had no idea what I really want to do, but I am very sure I didn’t like my previous job position because of many reasons. But many of my friends and colleagues put up with this of course with the stereotypical thinking implanted by our parents and the older generation that having a job with a very reputable company is the only way to make money.

I truly have to disagree with that, and this is my most humble opinion. People who do businesses are the one who benefits the most, but it is also them who lose the most. It is a fact that business usually requires a huge amount of capital, and is the reason why I am into Usana, it is a business but with a small capital. At least in this business there is no normal overhead cost such as shop rent. Hahaha. I don’t think I would go into anymore details about this unless you are interested then maybe you can give me a buzz to maybe ask me more about it whereby I can explain it to you about it. So running a business is the way to go if there is the desire to earn more money. But of course there are certain businesses whereby you would be able to earn money when you go on a vacation. So it would be a good idea if you were to run your own business. I know for a fact that there are many young entrepreneurs who are in universities running their own business such as little online boutiques. This is also another option of a business which many has opted to do.

I truly believe that the only way that a person can earn greater amount of money would be through running a business. Of course there are successful businesses and there are businesses that failed. There should be a system to run the business. This is a fact that I cannot stress further. After a system is already in place, then it all depends on your luck and your hard work and determination to really make it through. Of course this past 2 months or so has been a huge learning curve especially in all my current undertakings.

So I hope that some of my words doesn’t offend but I am receptive to further criticism because I have to keep an open mind about on how to improve myself. So till next time, I shall post again, ciaozuu~!!!

More wants than ever~! 3 September, 2009

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As of late, i have more and more growing wants in life, but i am nipping them in the bud at the moment due to the financial restraints that i have placed on myself.  This is because of the industry i have joined after leaving the professional line of accountancy.  Hehehe, many of you would now know what i am into and of course would be avoiding me like a plague.  Totally understandable seeing that everyone is afraid of me now.  But nonetheless, i am glad that there are a few who are willing to spare some time to lend an ear to hear out what i have to say.  Of course it is no easy task for me as well as it is for you.  I am sure most or almost all of you are not fond of listening to what i have to say, but i still would like to talk about it.  This way i can actually inform you of things that may or may not cross your minds.  Hehehe.  Of course there are many of us who are working our butts off to earn an honest living and of course there is the stereotype that all network marketing / multi level marketing (“MLM”) is bad.  But it actually all falls down to the distributor themselves.  But if that stereotype is in place, then i guess it is harder to accept people who are in that industry from ever speaking to those stereotype people.

Just to clear things up, the network marketing industry is not an industry whereby you make fast income (unless you are Mr Ken Thong who sells Chinese and Christian grave sites which by the way uses the insurance method of recruitment and method of sales) as it takes a long time to be able to build the business organisation which provides the steady income level you want.  Nonetheless, people always think that network marketing is a get rich quick scheme.  Well of course there are some network marketing which are as such, but that usually involves alot of money on hand with very weird and useless products.  So i guess these bad companies are the one that gives network marketing a bad name.  It is sadly the case, and therefore almost everyone in my age group has closed their mind to the idea of network marketing, seeing that being in the banking or professional line is more glamorous i suppose.

Well, just to clear things up, i am also working my ass off doing loads of things alright.  The list is as below:

  1. Usana Health Sciences (Network marketing company that sells nutritional and skincare products)
  2. Allianz insurance (Through the BUSS agency we are selling life, medical and investment link insurance products)
  3. Borneo Ink Tattoo & Piercing (Working as an assistant as well as an admin clerk)
  4. Admin clerk (In a company which i cant reveal)

So as you can see i have tied myself down with many things to earn MONEY~!  The moolah that would fulfill all my needs and wants.  In the next few months, there would be a few more changes to be made which would put me in a situation whereby i will work less one of the jobs above.  But this has yet to take place.  Of course for now, i need to learn up on my insurance talk as i would like to start earning now.

Seeing i just spend the few paragraphs above explaining what i am doing.  Now i wanna explain how i am.  Weeeee, even though i am quite tired from the various jobs, i guess it is normal that i would feel drained both physically and mentally.  Especially if things does not go the way i expect it would be.  So i would take some time resting in front of my computer especially reading mangas to sometimes relax myself and of course allow me to feel at ease in my comfort zone.  Because everyday is a battle for me outside.  Even on the phone.  I am still learning.  There are alot of things to learn which can never be learned from the accounting firms.  Nonetheless i hope that all these small things would allow me to grow even further than my last position in the accounting firm.  It was getting to comfortable there and also getting scarier~!  But i know that almost everyone is too comfortable in their comfort zone to leave it to seek for opportunities in something that they know little or nothing about.

So i jumped in head first not knowing much about the industries i have joined but i think there are always room to grow.  It is only if you are willing to go for it.  I will always remember ‘The Will’, ‘Till death claims this body, I shall never give up’ and ‘I shall never give up, Till death claims this body’.  So of course i wont give up so easily, though there has been time where the frustrations are at its utmost peak, but then again, i guess i just have to keep an open mind about it knowing that almost everyone in my age group would not accept this.  So at least i can still move on.

So thats about it for now, till next time, ciaozuu~!

Living~!? 23 August, 2009

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Living life isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Now seeing that i am out of the comfort zone and have been going through some rough times as well.  But this can’t be helped as i chose this path.  And of course there are many others who are still clinging onto their comfort zone even though it is killing them.  Of course they are afraid.  So am i, but i already took the plunge, so i have to continue swimming through the river full of crocodiles to the other side of the river.

I know as of late i haven’t been blogging much, but i really don’t know what to write and most of the time i am distracted doing something else.  Its either i am busy surfing or reading manga, or chatting with people to meet up with me.  Unfortunately people do not want to meet up with me.  It is rather demotivating, but then again, its a normal reaction that i have been seeing all these while.  But it was comforting to know that even my upline had difficulty in starting up her business.  And after 2 and a half years, she is able to earn a stable income RM7,000 to RM8,000 per month.  It was pretty convincing.  Because i always thought that i needed to achieve RM10,000 in a year’s time.  So at least now i know how to pace myself.  Of course i am undertaking several other jobs to fund my monthly expenses.  Of course i am hoping my USANA business will flourish very well, but this is of course in due time.  For now i just have to struggle with life and its adversities.

At the moment i am currently undertaking 3 different work.  I will be further bogged down by a 4th work which will require some training.  Of course i need to undergo the training as soon as possible as one of my job requires me to work 3 days of the week.  Of course i need to spend time with my USANA business and the other job requires me to help whenever i can.  At the moment i would be tied down with a few work.  Of course i need to organise a little party for the USANA business.  Of course i need the products for the party, but it is a small matter.  I just hope the girls are receptive to this idea.

Well, i know this is a short one.  But i gotta get back to cleaning my room.  So till next time see ya~!

The trip 24 July, 2009

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I am soo damn bored in office and the fact that i have been refused my remaining leave certainly does not help.  I am crying foul as they just want me to be seated in the office doing nothing but surf the internet at their expense as well as the free aircon.  But it is at an opportunity cost.  I certainly can do a little bit more when i am on leave and certainly hates being tied down this way.  Then again, i have to think positively.  At least i can go out for lunch with some colleagues whom i might not see for awhile.  I soooo wanna get back at them for not allowing me to be on leave.  I have a plan in mind, and i cant write it down anywhere because it would be very dangerous for me.  Maybe the firm gets a kick from keeping me here.  I cant blame them, if they wanna retain me here to do nothing but surf the internet at their expense and pay me for the balance of my leave.  Indeed it is good to know they are that stupid.  All of this is fine by me.  I can certainly do my errands another day.  Just simply delays my plan by a little bit. 

Owh, i am guessing you guys must be wondering where the pictures are for the Krabi trip.  Well i think i might just leave the posting of the pictures to Sue.  I am no good in editing and posting pictures.  But it was a good trip although nothing went as planned.  We had boarded the plan just on time despite the gate saying it is closed.  We were a lucky lot having done so.  Of course this would not be repeated and i think it would not happen again as the person who caused this problem shall not be joining in any trips that i would organise in the future (more on that later).  Upon our arrival, it was raining a little, but by the time we got into our transport to our hotel, a thunder storm hit.  But i guess it was ok.  By the time we settled down it was pretty late and we went to have our lunch.  We went to an ok restaurant, though it was a little pricey but the price doesnt defer much from our prices in KL which was pretty good~!  After that it started to drizzle and rain and stop and this continued for awhile.  Of course there were alot of girls who were doing a whole bunch of shopping through the gift shops over there.  Of course we went to the beach for awhile but because it was super windy as well as the sand was wet, the sand was a little too hard for liking.  The girls did some camwhoring a little before continuing on the shopping spree~!  We continued till we found a little stall that sells some choco banana pancakes.  So many liked it.  And we continued again on our shopping extravaganza (even though i did not shop at all) until we reached a supermarket whereby we bought some Lays and a few other snacks~!  And then we made our way back and on our way back the shopping continued~!  By the time we reached dinner time we went to a stall similar to the malay stalls by the roadside in Msia.  We had good food there which was considered pretty cheap by those who ate alot of seafood in KL before.  We then head back to relax and rest from our 1st day shopping endeavour by the girls in the group. 

On the next day, i woke up to a nasty surprise of rain.  Instantly i woke dear Sue up and informed her about the situation.  Of course i continued to call the tour agent about the situation only to find that i woke her up.  Hahaha, but she told me that she would give me a call about the situation later on.  Of course slowly i woke the rest up and we had our breakfast.  During our breakfast the rain continued on though it is not entirely pouring cats and dogs, it was bearable.  We were discussing about the conditions and the various options that we have.  I think it was about then i dunno who came up with the idea of riding the motorbikes in the rain.  Of course with raincoat of course.  And the group was pretty receptive about the idea.  So someone had to sacrifice to get the raincoat.  Of course i volunteered because i am the daring gung-ho hero wannabe.  Of course i went alone searching for a shop that sells some raincoats.  Of course it was hard to bargain because the sellers knows i need it and of course they jacked up the price.  Cant do much, because i dont think the rest of the group would want to get totally wet from the non-stop rain.  So i got the entire group raincoat.  Of course they soon decided that we shall wait for awhile to see whether the rain would subside but unfortunately the rain didnt let up.  Of course being the reckless human i am i went on to train on riding the motorbike which was actually a scooter.  I was learning and learning and then a few others decided to try so i let them try while coaching them on how to ride the scooter in the rain~!  It was good fun.  An unexpected form of fun.  Hahaha but not everyone shared the same enthusiasm.  So there were some who were not too happy about it.  But in the end we were just trying to salvage what was left of the day. 

We then planned a trip to Krabi town in the rain of course and had a good time freezing ourselves in the cold but it was good fun~! Tried some food that is never available in the fast food chains in Msia.  Hehehe, certainly had enjoyed some good food.  Didnt really stayed long in Krabi town as there werent much to do in the Town.  But we had fun riding around town with out Tuk Tuk driver guiding us around~!  Our little convoy of 1 Tuk Tuk and 4 motorbikes.  Though the journey took quite some time.  Even to a point where the Tuk Tuk made a sudden turn into the King Cobra Show thinking we would want to watch.  But unfortunately someone in the group was totally horrified and starting crying even though she was very far away.  So we decided to leave and head back to the hotel.  But instead they went back for a shopping spree.  Sue and myself head back for the King Cobra Show which we had alot of fun taking pictures here and there.  There were some tension when we were bargaining for cheaper tickets.  But i still think we were all conned by the prices all along during our trip.  But its okay.  In the end it was a fun trip.  Hehehe.  So there are new plans to head there again in the coming months.  I shall be the head planner again.  So if interested maybe you can drop a message or something.

Anywayz moving, as i had mentioned earlier about someone who wont be joining any future gathering or trips, shall not be named but people would realise who the person is soon enough.  This rift was due to the inability of the person to reply even 1 word of “ok” to me.  Of course noting that msn might have problems, i continued to inform the person about a debt she owes me, but she continues to ignore me.  So by the third time i told her about it, i realised she suddenly blocked me on msn.  Of course the 1st reaction was to sms her about her action and told her she still owed me the money.  Of course i did not get any reply on it.  Seeing how everyone is on facebook and it is still working hours, i did not call her but instead left a message on her wall.  Of course i continued to do my own work and return home.  Upon my return i realised that she had deleted my messages on her wall, and to top that off she still blocked me on msn and of course when i checked my phone there was no reply at all.  Of course all of her childish actions in blocking me and refusing to reply any of my messages did made me angry as she was not only ignoring me she refused to reason with me at all.  Of course i tried to give her a call, but she refused to pick it even though i waited for the call to get through for a long while.  Of course this person does not think about her actions, and of course i reacted rather destructively.  Of course this lead to the deletion of me from her facebook friend list as well as blocking me on facebook.  Of course i send her the final sms about her actions and informed her i can act more destructively and she knows i am capable of doing so but of course no immediate answer. 

I then received a call in the middle of the fucking night at 1.40 a.m. to inform me that it would be the last time she would talk to me and that she would pass the money through a common friend.  Of course she apologised but having called in the middle of the night i was like yea yea, and finally it hit me, her apology was not sincere as she was saying it in a very angry tone and saying very angrily towards me.  Of course i questioned her why did she refused to pick up my phone and answer me, and of course to her defence, she mentioned that when she is angry, she will say mean/bad words and it hit my mind, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!?!?!?!”.  Of course i questioned her answer as to what she meant?  Does this mean she dare not talk to me when she is angry as she is scared that i might react differently? Maybe that is the case as she would not want to piss me off as i might reacted in a totally different manner.  Of course she refused to talk any longer and stop the talk and hangs up.  What a “wonderful” person of not only disturbing my sleep, but also hanging up on me.  Of course i doubt that this would be the end of it, as i foresee future trouble brewing from this event.  It would be a horrific chain of event for her.  Especially for her.  I do not foresee her having a happy time in the nearest future.  Lets just hope she would change, BUT i highly doubt it, because there were several notions indicating that she thought she did no wrong and i was in the wrong.  Of course this story began as to how it began.  So her action caused an irreversable reaction and of course the chain effect of the events would not stop at me, but to her friends around her as well and this is a fact.  So i hope she would realise of her mistakes. 

Alrighty moving on to the next thing, looks like i cant wait to get out of my current workplace.  And of course i have been really drained lately from the late nights and the early mornings and the long days at office and the late nights of trainings for certain has drained me really dry.  I need a weekend to rest my body, mind and soul.  But soon enough i am jumping out of the pan and into the fire, and i certainly need to run for my life and can no longer comfortably sit in the pan and be cooked by the slower fire.  Its time for me to run for my life and run towards safety and then towards the top~!  I hope to earn my first gold bucket within the next 3-4 years.  Lets make it and lets create a better future for everyone~!  So till next time, ciaozuu~!

The impending weekend~! 9 July, 2009

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Ahhh, the weekend of great sun, sand and water is coming real soon~!  The trip to Krabi is upon us~!  But it looks like there will be a couple who would not be joining us for this trip due to an objection by an immediate relative.  This is indeed sad news for the rest of us.  This would certainly change the plans for our tour as there are less people on the tour and I would need to renegotiate the pricing again.  This is not gonna be easy~!  Well I just hoped that her immediate relative would just let her go so that she can be happy and also for the rest of us to be happy.  Well, we definitely cant predict the future.  KRABI KRABI, HERE WE COME.

On a side note, i had fallen to a throat infection which was said to have caused my severe discomfort as well as pains in my right arm, taking away my beauty sleep.  So i had taken the day off to recuperate.  Of course i did get some zzzzz but there are things i had to do.  Unfortunately didnt get the chance to do it.  Lets just hope my leave for Friday is approved so that i can do my things as well as pack for my Krabi trip~!  Arghhh i need to get a list of things to do now~!  But always forget to do so~!

So many things, so little time.  I also need to build my site up as soon as possible.  I would like to push my site faster so that i can finally put it in my print.  Seriously i would appreciate some form of help on the things to get done.  Lets hope things will get better in soon.

Thats all for now, a short post. Till next time ciaozuu~!

I am on my path~! 3 July, 2009

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I am now on my path towards the new business as well as the new path of new hardships~!  At the moment, i am doing this from work, meaning i am blogging from work.  Bad ehh, but i am already leaving.  Ohhhh i forgot to mention, i tendered my resignation.  Hehehe.  Anywayz, planning for the Krabi trip is constantly forgotten, very bad of me i know~!!!  Well what to do.  I have alot of things in mind.  I guess i better send out a sms about the outcome of the 1st day of the trip.  For now its best for me to confirm with the tour for the island hopping.  Or should i make a call to them.  Might want to discuss with them a few things.  Well i hope things turns out well.  And i hope people dont chicken out because of the H1N1 virus flying around~! 

Lets get going~! Weeeee.

It was a mighty fine day~! 28 June, 2009

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It was a pretty good day, as it was filled with alot of things to do~!  Indeed there were alot of well wishers this time around as well, especially on facebook~!  It was a wonderful day of people wishing me as well as myself being busy with alot of things.  I woke up a little later than usual on that day, and skipped through breakfast to head for my little Mentor Program Induction.  But it was all good as i get to see ms Thor Sze Ching and her gift to her beloved friend.  And she thought i would be surprised by the gift she got for her friend.  Unfortunately i am not surprised because i have seen this outfits before in Australia especially during the Sexpo~!  Hahaha, but of course Chia Chia was complaining that she shouldnt have came for the Mentor Program Induction, as it was a repeat of what we had gone through awhile  back.  But we just stayed anywayz, until the end of the program only we learnt that CPA and the Big 4 had launched something which would allow easier Mentor Program for all CPA Associates to attain their Mentor Program fulfilled.  Unfortunately the firm is a littlle to secretive about it and we were told that there was reluctance by the firm i am with to sign the agreement to this new move.  So i guess there will be alot of questioning by us towards the person in charge of this~!

Moving on, had lunch with 2 girls who had superb command of mandarin and cantonese and hokkien.  I was struggling at times to understand what they are saying.  This goes to show that i need to brush up on my language skills~!!  But of course lunch was pretty good, with alot of chat going on, it was nice, since we were waiting for the time to go sing k.  Since this was my third time singing k it was pretty ok, even though there were alot of chinese songs that i could not understand, but it always happens, like even the time with my cousins~!  So i am pretty okay with it, but i would prefer a little faster pace chinese songs like maybe Jay Chou and stuff, more of the rappers type, but unfortunately i cant sing chinese and so i just let those who know how to sing chinese sing their songs.  But i did get to sing a few songs which i liked even though this time around i did not sing Linkin Park songs as it was alot of the screaming type and i would be bound to lose my voice if i sang Linkin Park songs~!  But i gotta sing a 2 songs in malay, one is “Kau Ilhamku” by Manbai, and another is “Mungkin Nanti” by Peterpan from Indonesia.  Hahaha, i like singing, though the girls wasnt really bothered, but i was happy that someone sang with me “Kau Ilhamku” by Manbai.  Nice time totally nice time.  Hehehe~!

Then followed by a rush back home to head out again for dinner with my aunts, my mother and the gf.  Hehehe, i have been out with girls the whole day~!  Hahahahaha~!  Of course there were alot to discuss especially of the new business that i shall be undertaking full time in the nearest possible time.  My plans were also revealed to my aunts who finally approved of my move to do so.  So with this in mind, this coming week will be an action packed week for me.  Alot of things to handle and alot of things to do.  I just hope that in this short period of time i am able to help my business flourish and of course help those i brought into the business also to flourish~!  Marilah, bersama sama kita mencari duit untuk menjadi kaya~!!!

Well thats about it for one day though~!  Hehehe.

There were actually a few posts that i wanted to post out but i never got around to write it out.  Well  thats about it for now, till next time ciaozuu~!